IBM has come a long way from being a computer manufacturer to a disrupter in the field of cloud, mobility, IoT, analytics, DevOps, cybersecurity, APIs, and supercomputing. In the recently concluded IBM InterConnect event, the Big Blue and its technology partners outlined a changing world of businesses led by technology, and their role in this transformation. IBM displayed how cloud is not an option anymore, but a mandatory requirement that can leverage cognitive, analytic and mobile technologies to help businesses access data troves for crucial business insights. Similarly, IBM places mobility at the heart of an organization’s digital strategy; APIs to play a crucial role in building interconnected business environment; and intelligent cybersecurity aimed at quelling cyber threats. To this end, the tech giant announced its partnership with VMWare, Bitly, Gigster, GitHub; its work with Apple’s Swift interactive programming language; Watson APIs; and its new interesting platform BlueMix OpenWhisk.