TechD: Enables Enterprises to Maximize their BI Tools

CIO VendorMarc Martina, System Architect & Managing Partner
As enterprises today are highly data driven, they need to work with huge databases to manage or decipher structured and unstructured data to have valuable insights for their business operations. To help organizations streamline their business operations IBM offers the Cognos Suite which provides a broad portfolio of Big Data and Analytics technology solutions for their clients. In this venture TechD—a Pennsylvania based firm partners with IBM and resells the different solutions in Cognos, SPSS, and Pure Data Systems to help clients enjoy the advantages of these suites. The firm also specializes in implementing custom designed IBM Cognos applications by utilizing the Cognos software development kit (SDK) to provide extended applications for end-to-end Data Management and Business Analytics Solutions. “TechD focuses on Big Data and Cognos solutions for customers looking to extract insights from enterprise data that is continuously flowing in from a variety of sources,” begins Marc Martina, System Architecture and Managing Partner, TechD.

In order to help clients to fully utilize their Cognos environment, TechD provides certain Cognos tools like TechD Administrators that enables Cognos administrators, report authors, and power users to deliver every task in managing server environments. By offering TechD Content Manager the firm provides the clients with unmatched ability to search and manage Cognos content. With the assistance of TechD Content Manager, clients can effortlessly copy objects and support object relocation between the different versions of Cognos. The TechD IBM Cognos Advisor is capable of enhancing, expanding, and repairing the whole Cognos environment in a one-day time. Clients get the benefits of a reviewed architecture with well evaluated hardware specifications by implementing TechD’s Cognos Advisor. The Cognos Advisor assesses the expansion plans that include licensing and upgrade paths.

TechD also provides a wide array of solutions in the IBM Cognos environment, one such noteworthy solution is the Cognos business tool (BI) with Google Map integration. This solution increases client’s engagement with the help of graphical BI. With the help of interactive dashboard clients can easily access insights without having long deployment delays.

TechD focuses on Big Data and Cognos solutions for customers looking to extract insights from enterprise data that is continuously flowing in from a variety of sources

The Cognos Controller Solution is for financial firm that offers flexibility to streamline financial consolidation and reports. It offers full suited capabilities that enable clients to complete portfolio of financial results. It also provides an integrated platform that streamlines financial management and reporting. Another Big data Solution from the firm is the IBM Cognos Customization solution that extends, customizes, and automates IBM Cognos with SDK professionals to effortlessly create Cognos content within the enterprise applications. The customizable solution provides a robust result that can be utilized under any circumstances.

Amongst the various Big Data solutions that TechD provides, one of their Cognos implementation was put to use by a public-research university in Philadelphia. Initially they were using their legacy tools which they had to do away with as they were obsolete and redundant. With the actualization of TechD’s IBM Cognos reporting tools and their interactive dashboard, the clients were able to streamline their reporting forms by identifying repetitive reports that took long durations to run. With such solution TechD was able to optimize the system usage and their license usage along with elimination of redundant reports.

Apart from deploying these cutting-edge solutions, the expert team of the firm helps clients to give assured success throughout the project lifecycle from planning to implementation.

TechD considers expanding their IBM Cognos solutions to make it more streamlined and integrate new features to provide more seamless service to clients.