Upp Technology: Intelligent Lifecycle Management for Assets

The asset management industry stands on the perimeter of a number of essential shifts that will shape the future of the industry. Asset managers are facing new challenges, particularly as a result of new regulations, and looking for solutions to streamline their product assembling and distribution. Upp Technology’s irms|AM® cloud-based asset management system provides complete control over clients’ enterprise assets. Organizations receive the most out of their property, capital assets, vehicles, equipment and supplies for the lowest lifecycle cost while eliminating waste, loss, unauthorized usage and misappropriation of assets.

“We provide organizations including state and local government with simplified asset typing, tagging, monitoring, and managing of their various assets,” says Scott Upp, CEO of Upp Technology. “The company offers asset handling features for quick check-in/ check-out, reservation, recovery, transfer, ownership, and disposal providing continuous asset clarity and accountability.”

According to Upp, compliance, accountability and traceability are a few of the daily challenges for commercial, state, and municipal government organizations.

“Our asset management system allows organizations to achieve the highest level of accountability,” adds Upp. “The irms|AM cloud-based asset management system provides complete lifecycle management of any asset.”

irms|AM is an easy-to-use and always reliable software that delivers secure, fast, accurate, and complete precision throughout the supply chain, providing a single source solution to view and manage people, products, and process data on-demand. The system offers scalable core asset management functionality with leading-edge cloud technology utilizing NHibernate (ORM), Spring.NET, ASP.NET, C#. irms|AM is built on irms|360 Enterprise, an easy-to-use cloud platform that can seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing internal system.

Highlighting the uniqueness of irms|AM, the Aurora, CO Police Department implements Upp’s technology for their various asset management needs. The department has multiple, geographically separated districts and specialized units, all with specialized equipment and vehicles. They needed a comprehensive system to track assets and increase visibility and accountability for physical equipment.

irms|AM gives users the ability to organize assets into groups, lines, and sub-lines for rapid searching of similar items

irms|AM was deployed via a web-based interface on an internal intranet, which allowed access to the same system, regardless of district location. Helping the department achieve better efficiency and visibility, it provided an immediate audit trail as asset records are edited, assets are checked out, checked in, or disposed of.

“irms|AM gives users the ability to organize assets into groups, lines, and sub-lines for rapid searching of similar items,” explains Upp.“Now, the check-out time limits for any particular item can be specified by the group and alerts are generated if a piece of patrol equipment is checked out for longer than a day.”

irms|AM Kitting supports kit assembly and disassembly, including pre-built and on-demand kits, user-defined at the subcomponent level provides a way to track the assets sitting on the shelf and recapturing inventory for emergency use. Additionally, irms|AM maintenance management program tracks and automatically notifies a user that it is time for a particular asset to go in for maintenance and generates the appropriate work order for the receiving organizational unit to complete. Importantly, irms|AM’s mobile feature takes the power of asset manager outside, for easy inventory of vehicles or prepositioned assets via a handheld computer. Label printing gives users the ability to custom print barcode labels for assets.

The company sets itself apart from their competitors with its leading-edge, cloud solution built on the most advanced technology available with a secure SSAE-16 certified data center and service-oriented architecture (SOA) that adapts to business needs. “For the road ahead, we want to focus on delivering innovative technology solutions and provide our customers with the most advanced tool to compete, grow, and sustain success,” concludes Upp. CIO Vendor